Research & Development

We were founded with only one goal: to help consumers find a safe alternative to the harmful products and ingredients circulating in the commercial market.
On the cutting-edge of sustainable products and ingredients well before our time, our founders and formulators team based their formulations on safe and natural ingredients backed by effective results - through extensive research and clinical testing, we have continued to stay true to our mission to present day.
Our expertise in creating superior clean formulations has enabled us to become an industry leader in natural and organic personal care.
As your partner with us, we will work together to bring these innovative formulations to life while aligning with your vision for your brand. When you work with Aaranyam, you gain access to our tried and tested product formulations, fun and an eye for emerging trends round the globe plus valuable consumer insight and industry expertise that allows for the development of exciting new products and unique collections that are sure to set your brand up for success and prosperity.