Packing Assistance

You only get one chance to make an impression and with your brand  we try to keep it unfussy and simple.
We try and only use recyclable plastics, PCR (post-consumer regrind), aluminum or glass in your bottle and jar packaging choices. You will have the option to choose from a myriad range of lids, caps, pumps, dispensers and jars. The choice can be endless. Screen print and label effects are both effective methods of highlighting designs and costs will vary depending on designs and minimum order quantities.
Even though we try and provide as much assistance as we can for packaging , when it comes to labelling , our services are subjected to the quantity you order with us
Your design and logo are completely your property however, as part of the service we also ensure all labelling or print meet legislative guidelines. Believe it or not there are laws dictating what you need to highlight on the bottle this usually includes; ingredients, claims, directions, weight, traceability etc.
If you have a particular design, we would recommend we work alongside your packaging designer (or you can work with ours) to ensure you have exactly the brand look and feel you want.
In our current climate, it is important we all try and look after our environment and surroundings. Thus, (jars, bottle, tubes, containers, vessels) while choosing your packaging- we try and ensure that they are environmentally sound and sustainable. Currently we use;
  • HDPE or PET Recyclable Plastics – great for wet areas and perfect for throwing in your recycling bin
  • Aluminium – silver, shiny and recyclable. Light doesn’t penetrate through keeping product inside fresher.
  • Premium Glass – heavier to transport, slightly imperfect when applying labels, breakable but looks STUNNING.
You can feel free to download our packaging catalogue to explore various options that are available, if you have a specified vendor that you would like to source your containers from – we are open to that as well.

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