Why Us !!!

Choosing the right manufacturer for establishing or expanding your own beauty line is not an easy feat. It takes endless sleepless nights of methodological research, uninterrupted days of R&D. The right questions to ask – what exactly to look for, the ever changing beauty trends, A cohesive checklist to stay on track – all this just to ensure that you can choose the right partner for something that is so precious to you – your brand.

Well, we get you.

We are grateful that you stopped by to understand about us to see if we are the right fit: why not make it easy for you!

As a beauty cosmetic manufacturer, we proudly manufacture beauty and skincare products for more than 200 businesses worldwide and wish to see the future of Indian handmade beauty products available to all – by providing natural beauty products to those who prefer premium quality over mass market commercial products.

Our dedicated R&D team is always busy developing new formulations and developments which help us explore the beauty trends while at the same time ensuring that all the ingredients are natural and ethically sourced. With our modern-day solution-based formulations, we take pride in developing world-class leading products that stand out from all others on the market.


Our client portfolio is as diverse as you could imagine, which includes established beauty brands, to new beauty start-up, large chain retailers, make-up artists and beauty influencers, lifestyle brands and small boutique hotels and luxury spas.


Once a good product is obtained, we don't just rest our case. We raise the bar a little more, to go for a better version of ourselves every time. We aim at perfection from every point of view.



This is our skin we’re talking about - the largest organ in our bodies, the part of us most exposed to external agents. It’s our duty to protect it and guard it from anything nasty and harsh! This is why we only rely on safe and natural ingredients for you and your skin.



We dedicate maximum attention to sustainability when we develop safe, effective cosmetics, in compliance with environmental protection regulations. There’s no point in having great skin if the world we live in is deteriorating.


We are extremely meticulous about our production process and run frequent and thorough quality checks to ensure everything is working well. But we’re willing to go this far and even farther to offer maximum quality

we welcome the opportunity to provide you with the finest quality products, in their purest form.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation for you to be sparing out your valuable time to consider us as a potential partner for you.

Please feel free to look around.

If you have any questions that we can answer or doubts that we can clear. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us – believe us, we will be elated beyond expectation!

If you think we are a good fit, please get in touch. – we will help you schedule a call with us to discuss things further.