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Immune Booster Anti Viral Essential Oil

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Aaranyam Antiviral Immune Booster essential oil blend is prepared using pure essential oils. It has a warm, spicy scent. Aaranyam Anti Viral Immune booster essential oils blend can be used as
  • Diffuse it for a fresh, clean aroma around the house
  • or apply it topically for its cleansing properties. Topical: Dilute 1 drop with 4 drops of any light vegetable oil or olive oil.
Please do take a patch test to test for any allergies.
The potential benefits of Aaranyam Anti Viral Immune booster essential oils blend include things like boosting immune function and fighting infections.
having antimicrobial activity, fighting nasal and sinus congestion, promoting respiratory and cardiovascular health, energizing or uplifting mood.
Many of the above benefits are based on personal testimony or experience.
However, Alots of researchers are going on for investigating many more properties of essential oils as they relate to health and wellness.