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Lavender Buds Bath Bomb Refreshing hot water bath hydrating moisturizing enchantins Lavender-Fizzy Aromatic Bath Bomb (75g Each) - Pack of - 6

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  • A bath bomb adds emollients and softeners to your bath’s water that moisturizes and indulges your skin.
  • Unlike other bath products, bath bombs are all-natural, chemical-free bath time treats
  • Bath bombs help create an atmosphere of luxury and opulence
  • Almost all bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. These two ingredients combine to create that fizzing sensation bath bombs are famous for. More than that, they clean, deodorize, and repair skin, and strengthen blood vessels.
  • If you’re taking your bath in the morning, It wakes up tired skin and the sleepy mind. If you’re taking your bath in the evening, You’ll love the way it helps you relax in the bath and drift off to sleep in bed.
  • Box of Six bath bomb each perfect for your every mood. Lavender for the best bath experience
  • We use only natural ingredients to make our bath bombs, No SLS IS USED TO CREATE THAT WASHING POWDER LIKE BIG FOAM. We are into the practice of using so many chemical products that we most of the time do not differentiate between natural and chemical product. And often go against nature.


How to use

  • How To Use: Wet your hair thoroughly with luke warm water. Moisten the bar and then rub it directly through your hair from scalp to ends, working up a thick lather with your finger tips while massaging in circular motion Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water