7 ways to incorporate self-care in 2023

7 ways to incorporate self-care in 2023

7 ways to incorporate self-care in 2023

The new year is 'round the corner and as much as we all love setting those resolutions, it can get overwhelming!

We lose ourselves in achieving those targets and goals. We perceive that indulging in a little me time is a luxury that we cannot afford. Sometimes, We get so busy achieving our targets and meeting those deadlines, we don't need any time to unwind or recharge

We have all been there. But it is time to set another resolution: to give yourself the attention, time, and compassion that you deserve.

Prioritizing yourself in the world of hustle is not a luxury today but an essential. Taking out some time for yourself is important for your well-being. you need that space today to unwind and reset.

Here are 7 tips that you can try to focus on self-care this 2023:

1) 20 mins for yourself every day:

It may seem completely unrealistic at first. But taking out only 15 minutes every day can add to your productivity. Make it a point to take out time (without any gadgets!) to process your thoughts and let your mind wander. It can either be a walk, a short meditation or sipping on your tea cuddled in a nook. Make this a key part of your daily routine. Before you know it – you will be looking forward to this time every single day!

2) Get off social media

As much as we love being social and spending hours watching those reels. Social media can definitely take a toll on your mental health and give way to negative thoughts. It is okay to indulge and spend an extra few minutes. t be kind to yourself and have a fixed time during the day when you keep your phone away. Bonus tip: leave it in a different room or charge it away from you while you work or read a book.

 3) Learn to romanticize the little things

Throughout our lives, we are so focused on the next big things. We always forget to acknowledge and appreciate the sweet nothings. Before we even know it, life becomes completely meaningless and gloomy. Make it a point this year to romanticize and elevate the basic rituals of your day. Making that morning cup of coffee or tea. Cook something special. Spend some extra time during your shower by using a bath bomb. Pamper yourself with rich luscious body butter. Make a weekly beauty/spa session – you would be bursting with ideas and excitement every day!

4) Treat yourself

Yes, you heard it right! We are always more than ready to throw an extravagant treat for our friends. But when it comes to us – we label it as unnecessary or “selfish”. Treat yourself a little this year. Celebrate those little victories. order some cupcakes for yourself or get yourself some flowers. Get that main character energy going!

 5) Get to know yourself

The most important relationship in our lives is the relationship we have with ourselves. Only makes it imperative that we get to understand ourselves. It is so easy to get swayed in life and want what others want and live as per their expectations. Your boundaries, your emotions, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Spend some time determining what makes you happy and chase that.

 6) Have your own rituals

We have always heard the experts talk about this in great detail. Having a routine to maintain a work-life balance is very important. And by no means does that mean that you schedule every single hour of your day not leaving out any room to feel and process your emotions! having a flow to your morning or evening can make everything seem less chaotic and lower stress.

 7) Sleep

If there is one thing that you take away from this article – it should be this. Focus on your sleep schedule and prioritize rest. Your body is always telling you what it needs, learn to listen to it and go slow. If you feel tired and drained out – give yourself some rest. Your body as well as your mind needs some time to unwind and reset for the road ahead- be kind to yourself.




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