The Story

Unhappy with the current market skincare and haircare products that are loaded with toxic chemicals, Madhu (founder) started developing her own products and continued to learn by developing her recipes along the way.
“I’ve first- hand experienced the harm that commercial beauty products and soaps can cause. They are filled with artificial chemicals that are extremely harsh on the environment as well as for us.”
 Facing a myriad of skin troubles, I knew something had to be done as I was in a desperate pursuit to heal my skin. It was then when my daughter, who was in college at that moment, started getting severe acne and inflammation on her face due to the pollution and over use of commercial products – I decided that I had had enough, I threw all the topical cosmetic products in the bin and went all natural. 
Soon, I left my 30 years of career in the textile industry to turn to my roots – the healing powers of nature and the wonders that ayurvedic science had to offer.
Practicing the traditional cold process soap making technique was the perfect way to incorporate everything I love and believe in. I was instantly hooked. I now am fortunate to get the opportunity to create new recipes, experiment with natural ingredients all while letting my artistic abilities be shown. After trying and perfecting our soap making recipe. We moved to skincare, bath and body, bath bombs and the list kept increasing!”
 “We dedicated countless hours researching ingredients from around the world – to find the purest and the highest quality of natural ingredients and precious essences- to create products that are effective and exquisite – I knew the knowledge that we had was not ordinary and I did not want to be selfish – I wanted it to be shared and distributed all over the world, The joy of developing such pure and beautiful products was truly astounding – I wanted to make this for everyone and not just myself – I wanted every individual who too believed in the power of natural beauty to share my joy. It was like an Aha moment for me….I was awakened and I had a new mission: to help these products be made available to all.”
From what started as a small experiment in the kitchen, eventually turned into a factory and became an established beauty manufacturing company.
Soon after, her daughter Laavani too joined the team and what was a serious business venture now turned into a fun family operated affair. The mother daughter duo instantly noticed that there was an evident gap in the beauty industry with regard to the transparency and the ingredients.
“There are more than 100,000 ingredients that are being used in our industry today for all the beauty products, and only a fraction of them have been tested for long-term effects and most of them are not even natural – they are synthetic and artificially created for instant results to draw commercial sales. I don’t think that is good enough, and our industry needs to change – every buyer – weather an individual customer or a beauty brand owner – should have the freedom to know what goes into the products that they are investing their time and money in, that is a choice they should always have” (laavani)
“There was a huge gap in the beauty manufacturing industry that we believed we could fill in, today a lot of innovate and highly learned individuals, make-up artist and start-ups want to establish a  beauty brand but It can get a little overwhelming looking at the limitless possibilities and the emerging trends shifting by the hour, not to forget the high order quantities and the hassle one has to face in the initial production stages – running from the  graphic designer to the container vendor – labelling vendor… it becomes an endless chain of chasing, all that to eventually get something that is sub-par, something that  you do not like. We wanted to fill this gap: a one stop solution for anyone in the beauty industry. It does not matter if you are an established brand or a start-up – as long as your values align with ours – we are here to turn your vision into reality.”
Our goal was simple – to stay true to our roots and keep making products – so we decided to turn our passion into a manufacturing beauty unit that help beauty enthusiasts from all over the world by transforming their ideas into reality, All this while staying true to our values - environmentally conscious, staying small, and supporting the community by keeping most of the production handmade
Let us work together to create something exceptional, we will work closely with each individual/brand to not only create a timeless business partnership, but also products that are an extension of your vision – an essential part of you…
Come join us on this  journey to capture the essence and power of nature….