The Process

Our process : Here is what to expect

STEP 1: Discovery call


We get started with an initial consultation meeting that is completely free with no strings attached. This is so that we can align with your vision for your products and see how we can help you achieve your goals. This involves discussing Product themes, variants, desired timelines, and the budget - all so that we can create something that is specially curated for you!

If you have a product that you like and want it to be reversed engineered - don't worry, we have got you covered as we cover that as well.

STEP 2: Sampling and service selection

As a client, you have an option to either go for private labeling or choose to opt for white label.

Private label: with a small team of formulators, we will sit down to create a customized formulation curated specially for you and your brand.

With a low formulation fee of 2600/- (35 USD), we create a product sample that you will test out and review. Once the product formula and sample are finalized, you are invoiced with a 50% advance payment - For an order to be taken into production we do require a minimum of 500 pcs per product.


White label: You simply choose from our wide range of already existing products and sample them out. Once you like them - you can customize the packaging to sell them under your brand name. Our MOQ for white labeling is 200 pcs per product.

Once you like everything we proceed with manufacturing and rebranding with a 50% advance payment. - could it be any easier than this!


STEP 3: Branding and packaging

Coming to the fun part! we help you bring your vision to life with the help of graphic design by finalizing labels and branding that will align with your branding and voice.

Apart from that, you will also get to choose from our limitless container options for your packaging. Once everything is final after proofreading and review, we will send the lables for printing which will take two weeks.

STEP 1: Production and shipping.

Now all you have to do is sit back and relax. You get to focus on the launch and moving the business while we produce, label, pack and ship the products.

They will be there at your doorstep before you know it!