Contract Manufacturing

Weather you are an established brand in the beauty industry, an emerging brand of a spa or retail chain or simply a beauty/ green beauty start-up. We would be happy to build business partnerships with you to create superior products that are backed by high quality ingredients and world class research and development.
We offer complete customer service support from idea to conception all the way to the shelf. This would include – packaging, graphic design, manufacturing, labelling and delivery – all within and minimum time frame.
We know setting up a beauty brand can be overwhelming – it is a different dimension of limitless options and emerging trends and competition. It all can get overwhelming while hassling for the containers, the graphic designing, the labels and the packaging and branding, the process can be never ending and can also hamper the specified budget - which is why we are here to help and create your products for you while you can focus on the other important aspects of the business – all this without breaking the bank.
We approach every manufacturing project with excellence – backed by practicality and innovation all to maintain the quality control while creating effective and superior products within the specified timeline and budget.
You can find out more about our process here (how we help)

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